Canada needs to Adopt Responsible Metal Mining for Solar Energy, Says University Report

11 Aug

Canada needs to Adopt Responsible Metal Mining for Solar Energy, Says University Report

Solar power has been the most favored form of renewable energy all over the world. The cost of the solar panels is coming down and the ease of installation makes it a very practical solution when it comes to renewable energy. The growth of solar energy is increasing by leaps and bounds from year to year which is a hopeful sign for a world threatened with imminent climate change.

Solar Power Growth Last Year: A Tale Of New Possibilities

The use of renewable energy is on the rise. Besides the wide-spread occurrence of renewable power energy, there is one more high-popular branch in Canada. Gambling industry, presented by variety of gaming sources, can boast of its credible websites like online casino reviews,  directories and others.

The year 2016 saw a staggering 50% growth in solar power capacity led by countries like USA and China. 73 gigawatts of new production capacity were added globally and we have moved from 50 gigawatts of solar power in 2010 to 305 gigawatts in 2016.

Canada has also witnessed significant growth in adaptation and production of solar power which is a good sign. But there is one aspect which needs to be addressed to ensure that the production of renewable power by does not harm the environment in any way.

British Columbia Plays Its Pivotal Role

A new report released by the Simon Fraser University stresses on the need of responsible mining when it comes to acquiring the metals needed to the solar panels manufacturing . Canada, particularly the region of British Columbia (B.C) needs to be more careful to prevent the environmental damage that can be caused by mining the materials. The report furthers the research carried out by Environment Canada to determine the environmental effects of all industries engaged in energy production.

Canada accounts for 14 metals and minerals out of 19 which are used for the production of solar panels. B.C is one of the major players when it comes to housing the resources and has additional opportunities for further explorations. The demand for the solar energy has risen considerably over the world due to the falling price of the solar photovoltaic systems which is now the cheapest source of energy in the whole world.

Things to Keep in Mind

Canada and B.C cater to the global demand for the solar panels and the situation presents a challenge for the solar power industry. While mining activities are predicted to scale up, it has to be ensured that the fuel emissions and chemical usage are maintained at the minimum.

The damage to other natural resources like water should also be kept in check while conducting the mining activities. All efforts have to be taken to establish a clean renewable power infrastructure which would enable Canada to utilize the rising global demand for solar energy effectively.

It is interesting to note that though there can be negative environmental consequences of metal mining for solar panels, it still makes the least impact on the environment compared to other modes of electricity production. Only by adopting responsible mining Canada can meet the challenge posed by the situation.