Calgary and Saskatchewan Establish New Road to Homes that Preserve Energy

17 Aug

Calgary and Saskatchewan Establish New Road to Homes that Preserve Energy

Energy conservation and energy efficiency are getting a strong boost all thanks to the Built Green Canada initiative. It is a national third party program which issue s certifications to residential buildings based on their performance.

Crossing the mere objectives of energy efficiency and preservation, the initiative helps in conservation of natural resources, limiting levels of pollution and constructing a more durable and energy friendly home. The properties are ranked with ratings of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze based on their efficiencies.

It’s the Season for Building Energy Friendly Homes!

Many builders and real estate agencies have already enrolled them in the project and started offering homes to Canadian customers under the certification. A huge number of enrollments have been received from areas like Calgary when compared to the same time last year. During the period, the enrollments increased by 60% in Calgary and neighboring areas like Cochrane, Chestermere, Airdrie, and Okotoks. When it comes to the exact figures, 642 new homes were enrolled compared to 402 bookings a year ago.

But due to the challenging economic condition of the region, fewer homes were completed when compared to last year. There was a 27% decrease in completed Built Green Canada homes in the area and only 354 completions were recorded in the first few months of 2017 compared to 495 a year back. But the number of completions is expected to grow up as the area is regaining economic stability in the present time.

Understanding the Developments

The Built Green Canada initiative also got a strong response from Saskatchewan where the first community with certified homes has been announced. 42 lots are being offered where residences constructed will be provided certification through the community itself. The local government is also looking forward to implementing the section 9.36 of the building code in the following months to come.

Both the code and the Built Green Canada initiative follow on the same grounds of energy conservation and efficiency and importance on natural resource preservation and go hand in hand, according to the officials at Built Green Canada.

What does it have for you as a builder?

There are quite a few incentives for the builders who take up the lots in the Autumn Ridge Estates. To begin with, they will get a $1,000 discount on the certification program. Built Green Canada will also remove the training fees of the builders and assist them in every way so that they get their certifications.

The moves are going to give the project a major boost and go a long way in offering durable and efficient homes with ideal conservation of energy and natural resources.

Certified homeowners will also be eligible to receive a 15% mortgage insurance rebate offered by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Genworth Canada to encourage them to go green.