Baseload power and meeting its demands

18 Jul

Baseload power and meeting its demands

Renewable energy is considered to be the main source of the baseload power. Some do believe this idea but the others do not. It is because the renewable energy has its own shortcomings which will not make it possible for these sources to meet the power needs. The theory is backed by the practical experience and it is done by modeling the energy provided by the renewable source. The practicality certainly shows that the consistent power is never provided by the renewable source which means that such power cannot be used at all. The idea is very widespread and is accepted by the experts all over the world. There is another group of experts that have the completely different idea. These theories are backed by the computer simulations which allow these experts to demonstrate that the renewable energy will certainly be used as the main source in the next few decades.

Reduction in demand is the need of the hour so that the baseload demand can be met with ease. The best part of the baseload powering with the renewable energy source is that they can be very energy efficient. In the day the electricity demand is higher and during the night the demand is very low. Altering the structure and the mechanism of the power plants which are currently running it is possible to make sure that the baseline power demand is met. The baseload demand can be easily met with such structures which can run at relatively low capacity during the night. It will also allow the users to overcome the problems which are faced as the energy shortfall.

It is also the time for the experts to create awareness among the users of the energy as well as the other experts that the renewable energy is very much reliable. The fact of the matter is that it will get the same amount of energy from the power generators as the fossil fuel does. The best example of the renewable energy is bioelectricity which is just same as the normal electricity and therefore meets the demands of the people as well as that of the baseline power. The greenhouse and the climate effects are the problems which are related to the idea and negate it completely. With the advancements in technology, it will be possible in the coming years to overcome this problem as well. It has been estimated with the current technology it is possible that the renewable energy sources provide the baseline power for up to 20 hours per day.

Though the output of the energy using the renewable resource varies greatly the average is the same as the other power sources. It has been estimated that about 24% of Denmark’s energy is generated from wind. The other countries which are included in this regard are Portugal and Spain which generated about 14% of the total energy from renewable sources. The renewable resources and the related machinery should be revamped to meet demand and supply fluctuations. It will allow the experts to overcome the issues and study the improvements more closely.