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What is CanREA

The Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance (CanREA) is an alliance of Canadian civil society organizations from the non-profit or voluntary sector that hold a common interest in promoting a global transition to energy conservation and efficiency and use of low-impact renewable energy. Members of CanREA believe that this transition is needed to address global climate change, pollution, global energy supply, human security, poverty eradication and economic sustainability. CanREA recognizes that our window of opportunity is limited and that this global transition must begin now through individual country action and international cooperation using a variety of market instruments, regulatory measures, public education and voluntary measures.

CanREA’s Role

These are crucial times for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Canada and the world. Access to clean energy, energy security, green economic development, and the environmental impacts of conventional energy are key issues everywhere.  Energy efficiency has become a regular agenda item at meetings of the G8 group of countries. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) was established in January 2009 with 72 signatory countries. IRENA aims to be the main driving force for a rapid global transition to renewable energy.

CanREA and its members are engaged with all levels of government advocating a primary role for energy efficiency and renewable energy. A well planned transition of Canada’s and the world’s economies to renewable energy and the maximizing of energy efficiency and conservation would provide environmental, employment, security, and social benefits for all. CanREA has participated in several international conferences on renewable energy and made recommendations for new policy directions on both efficiency and renewable energy.

CanREA is a founding member of the North American Alliance for Renewable Energy (ARE), which promotes the adotion of feed-in tariffs in US states and Canadian provinces, as well as federal support for this most sucessful policy.

CanREA and National Energy Strategy

CanREA released a Model National Renewable Energy Strategy in July 2006. The model strategy is built on the Policy Recommendations made at the landmark international conference on renewable energy held in Bonn in 2004, but also recognizes Canada’s unique division of responsibilities among federal, provincial, territorial, First Nations and municipal governments. We believe that this common view of what renewable energy and energy efficiency strategies should contain will contribute to a crucial national debate on this issue in Canada. More…

Since 2006, we have refined and strengthened our recommendations, making proposals to federal-provincial Council of Energy Ministers and to the federal government during budget deliberations. In May 2010 we co-hosted a  dialogue among a wide variety of Canadian stakeholders on the need for a national energy efficiency strategy. The results of this dialogue were published in August 2010 and have formed the basis for recommendations for the 2011 federal budget.

Read more about how you can help and check the websites of CanREA members in your area.

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  1. Is part of your agenda to lobby against the Tar Sands too? Without regulating output and impact here all other efforts are almost greenwashing attempts to cover up what is happening in Albera?

  2. Good Afternoon,

    Renewables are changing our energy landscape. And as we witness this shift, the world is looking to countries such as Germany or provinces like Ontario that are thought to be paving the way, but the reality is that there are incredible renewable energy opportunities in Southern Alberta as well. This is why it is my great pleasure to let you know about an exciting event that the Economic Development Alliance of Southeast Alberta is organizing on April 24, 2012.

    RENEW WEST: Southern Alberta’s Renewable Energy Conference is taking place at the Cypress Center in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The EDA is excited to partner with the Alberta Rural Development Network and Medicine Hat College to feature experts who will be speaking on the opportunities in wind, solar, bioenergy, and geothermal energy. Tickets are now available. Get our exclusive Early-Bird Price until March 30th. For more information about this event or to register go to In addition to the Conference, Medicine Hat College will be hosting a concurrent exhibition of industries and institutions that are working in renewable energy. We encourage everyone to come and check it out.

    To help get the word out about RENEW WEST, we are also running our Fuel the Future Video Contest. This contest gives you an opportunity to show us and the world how you are going green and “helping to fuel the future”. For information on this contest go to

    In addition, Medicine Hat College will be hosting an industry exhibition which will feature business involved in renewable energy. This exhibition will start the afternoon of Tuesday April 24 and progress through the week.

    We look forward to seeing you and would be delighted if a representative from would organization would be able to attend.
    Feel free to pass this information on to any and all who might be interested in joining us and helping to profile renewable energy in Western Canada. Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Carlotta Maser
    Event Coordinator
    Economic Development Alliance (EDA) of Southeast Alberta

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