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Letter to Prime Minister Harper Advocates Immediate Action to Support Energy Efficiency

A letter demanding federal action on energy efficiency signed by 20 organizations from across Canada and different sectors was delivered to the Prime Minister and three of his senior ministers on November 25. The letter enclosed the results of the multi-stakeholder dialogue on a national energy efficiency strategy held earlier this year by the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) and CanREA. The letter also asked for a meeting with the the federal government to discuss recommendations for the upcoming 2011 federal budget and the devleopment of a long term efficiency plan.

Federal ecoEnergy efficiency programs that have provided strong support for efficiency investment in all sectors for the past 5 years end in March 2011. It is very important that new support measures replace these programs. Energy efficiency is our most valuable energy resource and must be one of the cornerstones of our national enviromental and economic policy for the next decade.

Download the letter to the PM.

Download the budget 2011 energy efficiency recommendations.

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