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Ontario becomes North American Renewable Energy Leader


Toronto, September 24 2009

Today the Ontario government officially launched its Feed-in Tariff Program and it is the most comprehensive of its kind in the entire continent of the Americas. Under the Green Energy Act, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) will run two programs – the FIT Program for large renewable power generators and the MicroFIT Program for systems less than 10 kW. For a summary of the program download OPA’s fit-program-overview-nov1909

More details may be found on the OPA FIT web site:

For background on the FIT Programs and the Green Energy Act visit:

“This exciting announcement will position Ontario as the most advanced renewable energy jurisdiction in North America” stated Dr. Jose Etcheverry President of the Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance.

In addition, Ontario’s Energy Minister, Hon. George Smitherman, earlier this week announced new transmission investment for grid expansions to accommodate renewable energy (RE) development, for details please read the article:

Ontario commits $2.3 billion over three years to grid upgrades, expansion

Last evening Minister Smitherman also announced two new funds that aim at supporting community power projects (to facilitate project feasibility, environmental and engineering studies), and to support municipalities so they can recoup costs associated with infrastructure improvements as a result of RE projects (road expansions, drainage, etc.).

“Ontario is quickly emerging as a global leader in renewable energy that rivals the renewable energy superpowers in Europe and elsewhere” said Dr. Hermann Scheer, President of EUROSOLAR; General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy and Member of the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament). “The success of feed-in tariff programs in many European countries has shown they are the right choice for regions serious about renewable energy. Ontario has chosen wisely and will surely reap the rewards.”

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  1. Launch of Feed-In-Tariff in Canada is a huge step forward. What is also important is to make sure that local producers of renewables will have easy access to the energy grid!!!

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