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Community Power the Focus of World Wind Energy Conference in Kingston Ontario


The Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance (CanREA) was well represented at the 7th Annual World Wind Energy Conference “Community Power: Energy Autonomy for Local Economies” hosted by The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) at St Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario on June 24 to 26 2008. CanREA co-sponsored a pre-conference workshop on feed-in tariffs where speakers from around the world desrcibed their experiences with these policies and how they could be used in Canada. Click here to view the conference resolution.

Feed-in tariffs, also known as Advanced Renewable Tariffs or Renewable Energy Payments, have been proven in Europe as the best policy to accelerate investment in renewable energy. They provide guaranteed access to the grid for renewable energy power sources and provide a premium price sufficient for these sources to provide an adequate return for investors. Communities benefit directly from the resulting economic and social development – as well as the opportunity to own and operate the renewable power project. Ontario has had a limited type of feed-in tariff since 2006 called the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP).

For more information see the Fact Sheet and Primer Feeding the Grid Renewably. To find out about the new North American campaign to promote renewable power using feed-in tariffs visit

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